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Hi! We are Dani and Paula, founders of Matilda; a brand that exclusively develops head accessories and supports the sustainable fashion movement and the “slow-fashion”.


Our production is 100% handcrafted and based on traditional high-end headgear techniques. We believe that headgear has an instant power to boost our self-esteem and make us feel confident! Our mission is to provide this feeling to more women in situations such as a simple “bad hair day” and in cases of baldness or hair loss.  


By purchasing a Matilda you are supporting a brand with social impact, as our purpose is to empower not only the women who wear the pieces but also the artisans who produce them! Accessories are made by informal seamstresses and artisans. We empower women to work from their homes and gain financial independence.


Our production takes place in our ateliers in São Paulo, capital and interior. Being a small local brand means that we only produce what is needed and avoid wasting materials, energy and  transport.

The products are designed with great care

by designer Dani Rodrigues


Dani  Rodrigues is passionate about design and dance and understands  fashion as  language and tool  of expression. She holds a degree in graphic design from Universidade Estadual Paulista and a master's degree in Fashion Design from Politecnico di Milano. Studied and worked in Italy and France  always acting in the development of fashion products.

Personal Portfolio:

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